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Crop Hail

Nodak Insurance Company agents provide the answers you need to make educated insurance decisions.

Choosing Nodak Insurance Company to help with your risk management plan is one of the best business decisions you can make. Associated with the North Dakota Farm Bureau, we've helped generations of producers protect their livelihoods.

Note: Crop Hail Coverage and MPCI is also available in Minnesota and South Dakota through our sister company, American West Insurance.

Learn about Nodak Insurance Company options for

Crop Hail Protection

Why choose Nodak Insurance Company for Crop Hail insurance?

In addition to our Farm Bureau roots, consider the following:

  • Hail plans begin paying at 1% payable loss
  • Competitive rates
  • Agents are local, experienced, knowledgeable and accessible
  • 5% discount for cash
  • A wide range of Crop Hail plans to customize protection for your operation
  • Harvested grain coverage at no additional cost
  • Carryover coverage provides early protection for next year at no additional cost
  • Adjusters are skilled and competent
  • Two-hour coverage on applications submitted in "an acceptable method" and by "sufficient notice"

Crop Hail

Your Crop Hail policy covers losses due to:

  • Hail
  • Fire (fire while your grain is in the dryer/Fire Department service charges up to $250)
  • Lightning
  • Transit
  • Vandalism

It also covers:

Harvested grain: At no extra cost, harvested grain is covered while being stored on or transported from the farm premises against the following perils (except for special exclusions):

  • Fire and lightning
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Explosion
  • Vehicles or aircraft
  • Upset or overturn of vehicle transporting grain
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism or malicious mischief
  • Theft

Crop Hail plans:

  • Basic: 0% Deductible pays at 1% payable loss
  • DXS5: 5% Deductible disappears at 25% payable loss
  • DXS10: 10% Deductible disappears at 50% payable loss
  • DDA: 10% Deductible disappears at 25% payable loss
  • DDB: 20% Deductible disappears at 40% payable loss
  • DDC: 30% Deductible disappears at 55% payable loss
  • XS10: 10% Deductible is Mandatory and remains throughout the payable loss; 100% loss pays 90%
  • XS10IP: Excess over 10% loss has increasing payment of .5% for 1% loss after 70% damage
  • XS15IP: Excess over 15% loss has increasing payment of .5% for 1% loss after 70% damage
  • Comp 2: No liability for loss until the loss exceeds 5%; thereafter, the loss is paid by 200% of the amount in excess of 5%
  • B or C 2: Basic policy pays loss at basic plan through the first 10% damage; thereafter, the policy pays the loss at Companion 2 plan rate
  • Comp 2D10: No liability for loss until the loss exceeds 10%; thereafter, the loss is paid by 200% of the amount in excess of 10%

Crop Hail Production Plan is available for corn, soybeans and wheat.

Endorsements available:

  • Wind Coverage for Field Corn: Coverage for losses due to Green Snap, Lodging, or non-recoverable ears that have been severed from the stalk due to wind
  • Green Snap Coverage for Field Corn: Coverage for losses due to Green Snap or non-recoverable ears that have been severed from the stalk due to wind

MPCI and Crop Hail Insurance-do not sacrifice one for the other.

Use your money on a risk management product that provides the best economic return without allowing any coverage breach. Consider the following:

  • At 75% MPCI Coverage, a 25% reduction of the APH is needed before a payable loss can be declared
  • MPCI Coverage will pay loss based on the APH at the target price

Consider this scenario:

A policyholder with 100 acres of wheat with a $5.00/$100 basic rate:

  • Basic Coverage: $500.00
  • DDA: $376.00
  • DXS10: $366.00
  • DDB: $280.00
  • B or C 2: $711.00
  • Comp 2: $671.00

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