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How much insurance do I need?

How much insurance do I need?

North Dakota requires that all North Dakota licensed drivers carry the minimum required liability limits to drive the state. These limits are $25,000/50,000.

Beyond that, it depends upon your financial protection needs. For example;

  • Will your budget allow for unexpected expenses after an accident?
  • What would happen if someone sues you as a result of an auto accident?
  • What if you were required to pay expenses out of your own pocket?

You can see there's not an easy answer, but your Nodak Insurance Company agent can help explain different coverage levels and assess your needs, your budget and your comfort level.

What will an accident do to my rates?

What will an accident do to my rates?

If you're found to be "at fault" in an accident, it could affect your insurance premiums.

The bad news

Your premiums may increase by a little or a lot, depending on your negligence, the amount of the loss and the number of claims you've had. Some companies might even drop you as a customer.

The good news

You don't have to be penalized indefinitely. At-fault accidents are typically removed from your record in three years. Some insurance companies don't share that information with you, charging you a higher premium indefinitely. Conversely, your Nodak Insurance Company agent wants to get you back into a more economical premium as soon as you're eligible.

What determines my premium rate?

What determines my premium rate?

How much you pay for car insurance depends on a variety of factors, like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Driving record
  • Where you live
  • Type of vehicle you drive
  • Types and amount of coverages
  • Claims history

However, you can make choices that will help you save money—such as choosing a particular type of car or taking advantage of our safe drivers, good student or multi-vehicle discounts. Learn more about discounts.

How do I choose the best deductible for me?

How do I choose the best deductible for me?

You have some choices to make here.

Higher deductible = lower premium

But you'll also need to come up with more money out of your own pocket should something happen to your vehicle.

Lower deductible = higher monthly premium

But, if something happens to your car, you won't have much expense from your own pocket.

Your choice of deductible boils down to how much money you have at your fingertips at any given time—and how much of a risk you are willing to take.

How do I get a good rate without sacrificing coverage?

How do I get a good rate without sacrificing coverage?

Nodak Insurance Company enables you to receive our best protection at a reasonable price. For further incentives, we offer discounts for things like taking safe driving courses and further discounts for having multiple policies with us.

Your agent wants you to get the most coverage for your money. He or she will guide you through every possible discount. Learn more about discounts.

When should I add my teen driver?

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