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OCTOBER 13, 2021

Five ways to strengthen your personal data privacy

As identity theft exploded, consumers adopted strategies and tools to protect their personal information. But the harder you work to stay safe, the more creative thieves become with new targets a...

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Harvest Safety with Kids

Fall is a stressful time for farmers with harvest in full swing. Add an off-farm job, a lingering pandemic and a severe drought, and the chance a farm-related injury or death could occur rises substan...

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AUGUST 23, 2021

When it comes to insuring teenagers, parents want the best possible rate for their young driver.

Teenagers, however, often have higher premiums because they are likely inexperienced and have a greater risk of accidents. At Nodak Insurance, we offer discounts – and incentives - for saf...

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JULY 28, 2021

Steps to take within the first 24 hours of suffering storm damage

While every homeowner or farmer hopes the windstorm or hail cloud on the horizon misses their property, there will likely come a time when owners will have to deal with damage resulting from a storm.&...

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JULY 09, 2021

Your lake home is protected by insurance. But what about all your personal property?

Lake homes could nearly double the amount of “stuff” a person could own over their primary residence. And a lot of the personal property at a lake home tends to be unique, and likely very ...

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