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AUGUST 23, 2021

When it comes to insuring teenagers, parents want the best possible rate for their young driver.

Teenagers, however, often have higher premiums because they are likely inexperienced and have a greater risk of accidents. At Nodak Insurance, we offer discounts – and incentives - for saf...

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APRIL 19, 2021

Teen drivers and insurance - what you need to know

Handing your child the car keys for the first time is bound to be exciting — and scary. For your teen, driving invites a thrilling move toward independence and freedom. It also comes with trem...

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MARCH 10, 2021

Auto Insurance 101: Know the difference in your coverage

Getting car insurance can seem easy enough, from the outside. But as you dig deeper into the topic, questions can surface — especially if this is your first time buying auto coverage. If you fin...

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AUGUST 26, 2020

A rock chipped your windshield…now what?

There is nothing more frustrating when traveling our beautiful North Dakota roadways and rock jumps up and hits your windshield. After the shock and surprise wear off, it is disheartening to see the s...

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JULY 21, 2020

Rental cars: Are they covered under your auto policy?

During these times where extended travel is difficult, many families are packing up their entire crew and turning to shorter trips by vehicle. Renting a vehicle can be a very good option to save wear ...

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