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Tune-up your furnace before winter strikes

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

With cooler weather upon us comes the inevitable promise of winter cold snaps. While this happens every year, North Dakotans need to get mentally prepared for the harsh conditions ahead.  

Before this cold hits, the furnace heating your home needs attention. You never want to be in the position of a failing furnace during that first early winter blizzard.

Here are things you can do now to make sure your family stays warm during those cold and blustery days: 

  • Do a furnace “test run”. On your thermostat, switch the setting to heating and up the temperature so your furnace system comes on. Go and inspect the furnace itself, listening and looking for any issues that may seem out of the ordinary. Check to see if heat is coming out of all vents. Remember, the furnace may have been sitting idle for over six months and unknown issues could occur.
  • Clean around the furnace to make sure there is no debris, personal property, or anything else that could impede the furnace’s performance or be a hazard for fire.  Also, inspect your air ducts and vents around your home to make sure none are blocked. Clearing obstructions around air vents will allow your home to heat more efficiently, therefore saving money on your energy bills. 
  • Change your furnace filters now and stock up on more for the winter. Filters can often become more expensive or harder to find during winter months. Be prepared!  Make a plan to change your filters as needed and inspect them monthly.
  • If you have propane supplied heat, call your provider to fill the tank early. Propane is often much cheaper in the early fall months. It will also ensure your home is prepared for the sudden turn to lower temperatures that can occur.

Another “must do” in the fall is to either install carbon monoxide detectors or replace the batteries in existing ones. Furnace malfunctions are the No. 1 cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in homes. This step is essential to making your home safe during heating months.

If you have questions about your heating system, it is always best to contact heating professionals. If you haven’t had a furnace inspection or tune-up in a few years, now may be the time. They are usually very reasonably priced, and can avoid costly repairs in the future.

And just as important, contact your Nodak Insurance Company agent for a “tune-up” and review of your homeowner’s insurance. Plus, a homeowner’s insurance review is free! There may be items that can be adjusted and added to your policy package that will also make you feel warm and secure through our upcoming North Dakota winter.


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