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A dry spell is a perfect time to check up on your sump pump

APRIL 05, 2021

This spring, North Dakota is experiencing the driest conditions in years. The best time to do preventative maintenance is when your sump pump system is dry and dormant.

A sump pump is a key component in your home helping prevent ground or rainwater from entering your basement. Water from under or around your home drains into a sump pump pit, and is then pumped out of your home and away from the foundation. As with any other system or appliance you may have in your home, a sump pump needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. These tips can help you ensure your sump pump stays in working condition.

What should you clean and inspect?

·        The pit – A sump pump sits in a pit that gathers and collects water until the pump removes it. If the pit is dry or has a small amount of water, clean the bottom of the pit with a wet/dry vacuum removing debris from the bottom that could cause issues with plugging the pump. Also inspect any drain pipes into the pit.

·        The check valve- Make sure the check valve (a valve that stops water from running back into the pit once pumped) works freely.

·        Backup power source – If you have already installed a backup power source, check the battery system to make sure it is maintaining a charge. If you don’t have a backup power source, now may be the time to look at installing one. Sump pumps may need to work harder during extreme weather conditions where heavy rains may result in power outages.

·        The discharge lines & location – Inspect the area where lines are placed, making sure they remove sump water far enough away from the home. Also, replace any damaged or cracked lines which may have occurred during the winter.

·        The exterior of your home - Proper drainage is essential to keep water from intruding. Inspect downspouts to make sure they extend far enough away to move water far enough away. Also, look at the ground near the foundation. If the ground slopes toward the home, you should bring in fill and re-landscape to create a slope that allows rainwater to run away from the home, not towards it.

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