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β€œIs this covered?” – a Q&A with our claims department

JUNE 21, 2021

One of the most common questions every insurance agent or claims person receives is, “If this (insert situation here) happens, am I covered?”

We asked Chris Oen, our Vice President of Claims, to talk about a couple unique scenarios and how your homeowners or farm and ranch policy may be able to help you in ways you may not have thought about.

“My 12-year-old son was golfing at our local course. An errant tee shot went into a house near the course and broke a window. Is this covered under my homeowners’ policy?”

The answer is YES! The personal liability portion of your homeowners’ policy follows you and your family members wherever you are in the United States. Most people think liability coverage is only for your home and property. But it is actually a personal liability policy, so if you have an unfortunate event occur like the scenario above, Nodak Insurance’s policy would pay for property damage a covered person is legally liable for.


“Recently, I was contacted by a credit bureau that my personal information has been used by an unauthorized person in an attempt to open credit cards in my name. Help!”

Nodak Insurance Company provides coverage for identity theft.* We have partnered with CyberScout, an industry leading company specializing in today’s online world, protecting Nodak insureds for a wide range of protections for cyber risks. Some basic coverage is built into our homeowners and farm and ranch policies. However, you may want to talk to your Nodak Insurance agent about options and levels for your coverage protection needs.


“My family and I are taking our dream vacation to Florida. Would we have coverage for our personal belongings? What would happen if a theft occurs out of our hotel room? Would we be covered?”

Our personal property coverage supplies coverage anywhere while traveling*. This coverage is limited to 10 percent of your policy’s personal property limit, which is usually more than enough to cover your personal property from theft while traveling. So, enjoy your trip and know Nodak Insurance is with you for protection!


“My wife and I received a letter from an attorney stating our dog bit a jogger near our home. We aren’t sure this even happened! Our dog is the best behaved dog we know and is never outside of our yard. Should we turn in a claim?”

The quick answer is yes. While most people think their personal liability policy is to pay for claims an insured is legally liable for, it also contains what is called a “duty to defend” against claims brought. Nodak Insurance Company has specialized claims representatives to help work through claims brought against you. We investigate, evaluate and even hire legal counsel for you at Nodak Insurance’s expense to represent you in a covered loss. Often times, the cost of legal counsel can be greater than the actual claim, especially if the claim is found without merit.

*Subject to policy provisions, conditions, coverage limits, and exclusions



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