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Your lake home is protected by insurance. But what about all your personal property?

JULY 09, 2021

Lake homes could nearly double the amount of “stuff” a person could own over their primary residence. And a lot of the personal property at a lake home tends to be unique, and likely very expensive.

While your lake home may have some of the very similar things your principal residence has (think furniture, kitchen equipment, décor, bathroom stock), it likely has personal property that could greatly increase the amount of insurance needed. For example:

·        Fishing and boating equipment like rods, safety equipment and portable electronics

·        Water fun possessions like kayaks, canoes, life vests, and the accessories that come with all of those items.

·        A larger need for lawn and yard servicing equipment. Does your lake home need a garden tractor where your principal home does not?

·        Many lake home owners have more lawn and deck furniture than their house for large gatherings.

·        What about grills, smokers or other outdoor cooking units that are more commonly used at the lake versus at home?


Personal property insurance coverage is usually built into your policy at a certain percentage of the amount of insurance on the dwelling. Most insurance customers don’t realize they should take a cursory inventory and review with their agent if their personal property amount is sufficient.

Nodak Insurance Company offers coverage for lake homes across North Dakota and in Minnesota (if home or farm policy is currently with us). We are also now offering Personal Property Replacement Cost for lake home policies.

If you are a current Nodak Insurance customer, now is a great time to contact your agent to review your lake home coverage. And if you are not currently a customer, we offer great rates and options to protect your property, home and away.

Now that you read this information, go throw some ribs on that smoker and hit the water!




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