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Know the rules before you hit the ATV trails

JUNE 17, 2020

Driving an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a fun summer pastime. However, ATVs are not toys, and operating one without proper skill and supervision can be very dangerous, especially for children.  


ATVs or Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) have become more common for households to own and are now more accessible in both rural and urban areas.


As these vehicles increase in features, comfort, and ease of use; they have also increased in power. Children are naturally attracted to these vehicles and adults often allow ATVs and UTVs to be operated by a child or young adult that doesn’t have the skills or ability to do so. Even the most controlled rides under adult supervision can lead to a serious accident or injury. 


Children account for over 25 percent of those injured by four-wheelers – and most of those injured are under 16. Statistics show the average age of most ATV drivers is around 12 years old.


The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends no child under the age of 16 should operate an adult-sized ATV (over 90 cc engine). The commission further states no child under the age of 12 should operate any ATV, including those under 90 CC. 


North Dakota also has laws regarding ATVs:

  • Any person under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet while driving or riding any ATV or UTV.
  • ATVs and UTVs are required to be licensed for use through the North Dakota Department of Transportation. 
  • Any child between the ages of 12 and 16, that does not have a valid driver’s license, must have completed an all-terrain vehicle course certified by the North Dakota Department of Transportation.
  • Any ATV is required by North Dakota law to have appropriate liability coverage in place during operation.

Visit https://www.parkrec.nd.gov/business/recreation-programs/highway-vehicles-ohv for questions on registration, safety, and areas of legal operation


We encourage all owners of ATV or UTV vehicles to follow the guidelines on ATV operation by children under 16 years of age. Talk to your Nodak Insurance agent about having the proper coverage for your all-terrain vehicle.


So, before you head out on the trails, know the rules before you ride. Have fun and be safe, too.


Sources: https://www.cpsc.gov, https://www.motoshark.com


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